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Here are some of the prohetic word or visions the LOA Leaders wrote for 2010. Enjoy!


“ LOA is not a church but a revelation of how God can touch one’s life in ways that are unimaginable and unheard of. LOA will not only open the hearts of those that do not believe but also make those that do become great in the kingdom of God and standing together as one family to support each other and make great things happen in our country, Africa and the rest of World.

To be a shining light has it challenges but even the smallest star can be seen in the surrounding darkness that is about to break. LOA is growing and will keep on growing leaders in God to spread the word that so many people seek and need in the world we live in today. To speak truth and know that what is spoken will happen. ”


“ Ek sien dat ons n “effective” body gaan wees, nie net vir die individual nie, maar ook die community en ons cities. Mense wat ware change wil hê en wat honger is gaan deel word van die family en hulle sal groei en hulle sal change. (translated : I see that we are going to be an effective body, not just as an individual, but also in the community and our cities. People who want real change and who hunger for that are going to form part of our family and they will grow and they will change.)

We will not establish a group of followers but rather a group of sons!

I also believe that God is calling us to take our rightful positions, sin will not entangle / ensnare us, we will not be bound by religious doctrine, tradition or man’s ambition.

God will be first, and by putting him there, we will automatically start fulfilling our role as kings and priests! “


“ God wants to show us who He is, but also wants to show us who we are in Christ. He wants His character in us to come out and unveil Christ to the world.  We are God’s Husbandry (place where things grow).

God wants to work on His husbandry, cleaning the ground, planting the seed of His Word and that which Christ already accomplished.  He wants His Spirit to rain down on our fields, watering the seed and making it grow within us.  The fruit of His character and grace will be the evidence of what He did in your life this year.

The worries and cares of this world will not pull you down, because you will not only know and understand the seed growing inside of you, but you’ll be able to live it. ”


“ I see people starting to walk in fearless Love.  What can man really do to you? Think about it.  I see everyone Live for Jesus, every day. Bringing the light of the Gospel to everyone you meet.  He is not ashamed of you!  LOA is truly a unique family.  We are a family that will soon be having fellowship in an Ark building in Bloemfontein and a castle in JHB.  I love it! J

I am excited about what God is doing and trust Him for the vision He has given Mom about this. “


“ I only see a park before me, a green one with many big trees, and a white bench. The trees are blossoming. It is spring, new things are coming. It is a season of “blossoming”. It’s a season of joy, of new life. “Put on the garment of praise, I hear my people’s praises, I react on it. I hear it, I hear it, I hear it. Praise, praise, praise. Get up, dance around, be joyful and praise.” I smell fresh peaches, the fruit is starting to show. “Rain will come down, it will pour on you and refresh you.”

It is a season of refreshing, of renewing, of growing into the fruit I have planned for you. Psalms 89, take this at heart!”. “Drink out of the saucer, pick up your head anointed one, and see what is to come, taste and see that I am good, My plans are higher than you can comprehend, my ways are higher. Look up, look up. Heed to my voice, I will guide you. I will dress and adorn you with the finest clothes and jewels. You WILL taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!!. You will experience it night and day. I will provide exceedingly, abundantly, more than you can ask for. My riches are your riches, my palace, your palace.



“ The Body of Christ has got many parts with their specific purpose.

Their purpose is motivated by their vision. The entire body still has the same personality and overall forward momentum. As a part of the Body, Love One Another’s purpose and vision is to love, to change this and other nations by way of The Kingdom of God and to be super matured in their walk and relationship with God.

My prophetic word for Love One Another is that, we will love our nation into position. We will keep to God’s vision for this nation. We will have expanding rule of reign for the purpose of the Kingdom of God.”


“ For the first time in my walk with Christ I understand the concept of being a child of God and living a life of no condemnation. I am reminded of something Mom Charlotte told me at the end of 2009, “We will experience the rest of God and it will be an easy thing”. Little did I know what it implies. I struggled with the idea of doing something for God to gain His approval.

Clearly I had a misconception of the word “righteousness”.  Righteousness is the approval of God and guess what……it is for freeeeeeeee! Nothing I can do will change that position because I am called a son.

I am truly free and understand the heart of God.

Be blessed. ”


“ Growth not just spiritually, but also in numbers, for the purposes of discipleship rather than just church goers. A haven of comfort to the broken and unloved.

I speak financial growth to increase rapidly and also positioning of many sons in the house. ”


“ The Love One Another vision is to see all nations, Black, White, Indians and Coloured, coming together as one big family under this umbrella of love, in the unshakeable Kingdom of God. ”


John 3:16 -17, in the Message Bible says: ” This is how much God loved the world: He gave His Son, His one and only Son. and this is why: So that no one need be destroyed; by believing in Him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life… He came to help, to put the world right again.”

Marvin & Charlotte Cronk have a very similar love for South Africa and its people, when they lead the Ministry of Love One Another Inc. Love One Another Inc. is a body of believers that establish the principles of God’s Kingdom, in their immediate environment, as a demonstration of God’s love. This is done by guiding people to salvation and maturity in Christ, in the setting of family-like relationships.


“ You have been faithful in your ways. You carry the weak and feed the poor. You lay down your life for the church and you keep giving of yourself. The Lord is well pleased. You will see many come, and many go. Do not feel sad, when people leave, for you make out the eyes in the body of Christ. You see people come, and people go. You see them as God sees them. Naked in their position.

Guide them towards their future position. Show them a better way to live. Show them My (God’s) way.

Jerusalem cries out, oh Lord, you have forgotten us, but, the Lord says, I have not forgotten you, you have forgotten Me.

Teach them to hear My whisper. Show them My Loving ways. Give them Hope, and care for My people. In a little while, we will be united again in Soul and Body for ever and ever!

Remember, I AM with you till the end of days, says the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. ”


“ I believe that God is shifting the body of Christ to another dimension, in a simple and effortless way. According to Matt 6:33 we see the power of love through Mom, because God chose her for that purpose. You don’t only hear about love, you see it and touch it and also become part of it. What God is doing through Love One Another Ministries its simple, a small group of people with the Father’s heart, God is love. Love One Another is reaching out to the poor of the poorest, and building them to become part of what God is doing in His Kingdom.

What God is doing through this ministry is simple, opening the eyes of the body of Christ to focus only on one thing, the Father’s heart, out of the abundance of heart, the mouth speaks. It is also about the relationship with Jesus, it has to be a lifestyle, not a part-time or religious act, but applying it everyday in our life.

One of the outstanding things of this ministry is giving, if we are to receive from God, we have to be givers, because God gave His only Son. This ministry will never be without, because it is coming from the Father’s heart of love – 1Cor. 13:8


The year of the red rose…

What I see is a man handing a red rose over for you to grab.  What I also saw is that the man holding the rose’s hand is bleeding. That is when I came to realize that the man’s hand isn’t bleeding because of the rose’s thorns but because of the nail marks in the palm of His hand.

Jesus is holding out a rose to you. This gives an intimate feeling of that He is romancing His bride, bringing her a flower, a rose to brighten up her environment.

This comes in line with the move of the Spirit that He is accentuating the need to have relationship with Him. He is constantly bringing it to the attention that Jesus is seeking intimacy with His bride, He wants to converse, He wants to impart.

Jesus’ blood is flowing over the rose. When you come into the prize, the gift that is intimacy with Jesus His saving, healing, cleansing blood comes with it. When you come into relationship with Him, His gift of intimacy will thus not only include that what is to be coveted (the rose) but also that which is needed automatically as well (the blood).

The flower isn’t old and broken, nor is it still in its bud. This shows the perfect timing of Jesus, that He is patiently waiting for us but is always ready to give the perfect gift. This can also highlight the fact that now is the time for us to accept the gift of intimacy to enjoy the gift to the fullest.

Now is the season to come into relationship, intimate fellowship with Jesus.”


“ Relax.  Live life.  Freedom.  Shout when you need help.  Laugh.  Cry, but not alone.  Love unconditionally.  Something goes well if it goes well in your mind while going through it.  Fearlessness.  Baldness.  Life is a series of processes that we could actually enjoy.

Awareness.  Happiness.  Giving.  Receiving.  Hear from God.  Walk with God.

Run to God.  Talk with Jesus.  Playing with the Holy Spirit.  Have fun.  Be spoiled by God.  Feel God’s love.  Be loved by people.  Love people.  Appreciate.  Rising up.  Be accepted.  Accept.  Learn.

When you struggle, chances are 10 people around you are struggling with the same thing.  Try again.  Get up.  Dust off.  Never give up.  Remember.  Strong confidence.  Pure.  No offence.  No condemnation.  Grace and lots of it.  Value.  Caring.  Fulfillment.  Coming together.  New beginnings.  Excitement.  Relationship.  Healing.  Friendships.  Win the battles of the mind.  Rejoice.  Victory.  Celebrations.

No limits.  Visions.  Dreams.  Believing.  Faith.  Results.  Kingdom.  Peace.  Growth.  Stillness.  Adventure.  Realness. ”


“ 2010 is the year where we will see the Kingdom come in our lives.  We will discover that putting our hope in anything else than Christ in us, is a false hope.

We will understand what it means to say:  “ Lord, let Your kingdom come on this earth” and see Him appear inside of us, to conquer every enemy, even to conquer to last enemy which is death. “


Romans 14:17 “The Kingdom of God is not about food and drink, but instead it is righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

This is what Love One Another is all about: The Kingdom of God!
Here we learn through teachings, but also by example, about Kingdom living. We know that relationships are of the utmost importance, and that in the end, NOTHING is about “self.” It is such a privilege to see God’s love in action, working through His people.

In the Bloemfontein fellowship we are a very diverse group of people, a real representation of our “Rainbow Nation!”

Our leaders, Charlotte and Marvin Cronk, are such an inspiration to all of us. Just looking at their very lives is a testimony of Kingdom living. We have been with them for the last ten years and our three boys grew up in this fellowship. They are now 21, 20 and 15 years old and we see the result of this in their lives – all glory to God!

We are very thankful to our Heavenly Father who put us with Love One Another all those years ago and are so blessed to be part of this ministry!


It is time for us to believe God. To hear and speak what we hear and not our own thoughts and ideas. God is waiting to hear His own voice from earth so that He can move! We must seek His voice like never before so that we can copy His voice.

It is time for provisions needed in LOA, to flow in as needed. We will reach out to people outside of LOA by e.g. Plays and drama’s. In worship, new songs will be written and sung. Teachings incorporated with plays and dramas. Corporate involvement of family members of LOA in all areas.  People will come and run with LOA ‘s vision.

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